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Some of you may be new to the name "The Auggies", some are not. For a quick background, "Auggie" was a nickname my husband was given a long time ago. When we found out I was pregnant, we referred to the baby as "Augglet", then when he was born, our family was known as "The Auggies". So there you go, a quick background on the name! This blog will give you a view into our lives as we raise our first child. So, welcome to reading about the life of the Auggies!

Friday, March 9, 2012


My little guy is getting so big!  These past few weeks he has made that very apparent, because he is teething!  He has technically been teething since he was 2-months-old, but he didn't get nearly as fussy as he gets now.  Back then, he started drooling buckets and chew on his hand, so we sort of figured teething was beginning.  It wasn't until he hit 4-months-old that we knew for sure.  At his 4-month checkup, the pediatrician did, in fact, discover two bottom teeth trying to emerge!  They have yet to make their appearance.  Some days he is okay, other days, he is red-cheeked, drooling more, chewing on his hand (or anything in his hand), fussy, and at times, he will have a screaming fit.  We went the the route of giving him Tylenol when it was bad, but he had a few bad days in a row, and I didn't want to give him Tylenol every day.  It's not good for him.  So I did a little research, and found a few homeopathic remedies for his teething....
 Humphrey's Teething Pellets are awesome!  We only need 2 per dose right now to give Ben some relief.  The dosage says you can use up to 3 at a time, though.  You can administer it by dissolving them in water and putting the mixture on the gums, or putting the pellets under his tongue (one at a time).  Since he drools so much, I actually find it easier to just take one pellet at a time, and rub it directly onto his gums until it dissolves.  They are super tiny pellets, so it doesn't take long to dissolve, especially on a teething, drooling baby! 

Another neat product is Boiron Camilia Teething Relief.  It comes with small, fluid-filled dispensers that you have your baby ingest.  It's 100% safe.  Same as the Humphrey's, it's made of natural products to help soothe, give pain relief, and reduce inflamation. 

I feel so much better giving my son these products.  Tylenol can be very dangerous for an adult, much less an infant.  It takes a few minutes for these to take effect, but they really do work on Ben!  Usually he will continue to cry, until I find a way to distract him until the relief kicks in.  I will "eat his feet" (which makes him laugh), try to give him a toy, tickle him, or feed him a little bit of formula.  One of those methods usually works in distracting him long enough for the "medicines" to take effect.  We also have a teether on the way we are going to try out, since he doesn't seem to like the ones we have currently.  I think they are more for babies 6-months and up.  I ordered one that was rated very well, and meant for younger teethers.  I will let you know how it works out!

Anyway, back to Ben's teething.  The other day he was having an absolute fit, screaming, thrashing, just wouldn't settle down.  He was red-cheeked, and he kept putting his hand in his mouth.  I knew what was up.  I gave him 2 Humphrey's tablets, and 1 "vial" of Camilia, and the following ensued...

 I distracted him by "eating his feet" until he laughed, then put him in his walker so I could make dinner.  He played while I worked on dinner and the dishes!  No more tears!  You can see how much he drooled!  I purposely left him in that outfit until I could take a picture, so don't worry, he wasn't in the drooly outfit for very long!  Just until I finished making dinner. 

Still playing nicely!  He is starting to figure out how to move the toys around on the walker.  He does try to eat the horn on a regular basis, though! 

If you do plan on trying out the products I listed above, check your local Walgreens or other pharmacy before buying from Amazon!  They were much cheaper at Walgreens.  In fact, the Camilia's came in a 2-for-1 pack!  You can find the prices for them and a list of the ingredients on the Walgreens website. 

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