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Some of you may be new to the name "The Auggies", some are not. For a quick background, "Auggie" was a nickname my husband was given a long time ago. When we found out I was pregnant, we referred to the baby as "Augglet", then when he was born, our family was known as "The Auggies". So there you go, a quick background on the name! This blog will give you a view into our lives as we raise our first child. So, welcome to reading about the life of the Auggies!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ben is 5-months-old!

Where has the time gone?!  My little baby is already 5-months-old.  Well, he turned 5-months four days ago, I've just been busy!  He has learned to roll from back-to-tummy now!  He's had tummy-to-back down for about a month or so.  We have been trying to practice sitting up, but he's just not quite ready yet.  We had to buy a cart/high chair cover that has pillows on the sides for when we are out and about.  This is because he is outgrowing his infant car seat.  So, we also bought a new seat!  We bought the Evenflo Titan Elite.  Right now it's installed in Andy's car, because my car needs to go into the shop this week.  Andy also noted that he doesn't think it will be easy to get Ben in and out of my car with the new seat.  I have a 2-door, and Andy has a 4-door.  We might have to trade again.  We initially tried trading, but I wasn't happy with the situation.  I like my car better, plus it has way less miles on it.  We will see how things go.

No teeth yet!  I just wish those suckers would pop out already.  My poor baby gets so miserable on some days because of his teeth. 

He's eating purees like a champ.  He really likes bananas!  We have the Baby Bullet, so we use that to make his food for the most part.  He also really likes peas, which is odd, I figured he'd hate those! 

We are trying to transition him to the crib.  It has not been easy.  He has been fighting it.  Ever since he was 2-months-old, he's been sleeping at a slight incline in a Rock 'n Play.  I am thinking we need to raise the crib mattress a little bit to make him comfortable.  Right now he is playing in his crib, and getting a bit loud, so I think that's my cue!  Here is a picture of the little guy on his 5-month "birthday"!

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