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Some of you may be new to the name "The Auggies", some are not. For a quick background, "Auggie" was a nickname my husband was given a long time ago. When we found out I was pregnant, we referred to the baby as "Augglet", then when he was born, our family was known as "The Auggies". So there you go, a quick background on the name! This blog will give you a view into our lives as we raise our first child. So, welcome to reading about the life of the Auggies!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am still recovering from my surgery that I had on Monday.  I had my gall-bladder out, but I am getting better every day!  I go to my post-op appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully by then I am taken off restrictions.  I miss holding my little boy!

Speaking of Ben, he has been doing very well!  He is napping better, and overall in a better mood throughout the day.  He's still working on getting those bottom teeth out!  He drools a ton, so hopefully they pop out soon.  He has his bad days where his gums hurt, too, but those are becoming fewer.  He is constantly changing, too!  He's not the same baby he was last week.  He "talks" a lot more, and is super smiley almost all the time.  He is playing with toys more, and recognizing Andy and I as "mommy and daddy".  

Oh, we also received some fluff mail yesterday!  Very excited to try Ben's new diapers!  

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